The mother of the newborn baby abandoned in a Dublin hostel has told the Irish state they can keep her son.

The German national is now back home in Frankfurt and has ‘no intention’ of returning to Ireland according to sources.

The Irish Sun newspaper also reports that the woman’s parents have reneged on a promise to fly to Dublin and take care of the baby.

Instead, the child will now be placed in foster care as Irish authorities try to unravel the mystery.

The mother, who left the baby in the hotel room as she departed for Dublin airport and a flight home, also claims she gave birth in a different hostel two days earlier.

German police have told Irish officers that the woman is ‘insisting her son was born in another hostel in the capital just a couple of days before he was found’ according to the Sun.

Officers, who originally believed the baby was two-weeks old, are liaising with the German Embassy.

The woman, in her 20s, told German police: “I want nothing to do with the child.”

A source told the paper: “The officers in Germany think she is very cold because she has washed her hands of the baby.

“She is adamant that she wants nothing to do with the baby and she’s clearly in a distressed state.

“Investigations are ongoing to establish where the baby was born. The grandparents are happy with the care provided by the HSE and have decided to stay in Germany for a little longer to care for their daughter.”

Goran Josifov, 34, who works at the hotel, said: “The Gardai (police) asked us to keep Room 8 closed until their investigation has been completed.

“The bed in which the girl slept in still hasn’t been made and we’re still in shock over the whole thing. The woman kept a low profile and might even have been wearing a hat as some sort of disguise.”

Hostel owner Martin Tynan said: “We never expected anything like this to happen and immediately called police.”

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