A German mum is to be reunited with her baby boy that she abandoned in a Dublin guest house, last week.

Investigators have located the Dublin hostel where the baby was born just two days before he was abandoned at The Glen Guest House on Dublin’s Gardiner Street on April 14.

The German national left the new born alone and boarded a flight bound for Frankfurt. Almost three hours later he was discovered by a cleaning lady.

The woman is due to travel back to Ireland from Germany this week. A source told the Irish Sun Newspaper she is to be joined by her parents.

“The mum was clearly in a distressed state but she’s shown more interest now in her son.

“She has decided to come to Ireland this week and her parents are hoping she will change her mind and bond with her son.

“The fact the mother’s now given the baby a name proves she’s received expert help in Germany and is now accepting her responsibility.

“The baby was born in a nearby hostel and the cleaning staff had no idea a baby had been born.”

The newspaper reports the immigrant hid the pregnancy from her family and friends by wearing baggy clothes.

Goran Josifov, a receptionist at The Glen,  praised the mother’s decision to return to Ireland.
He told the Sun: “The poor woman obviously needed help and everyone at this hostel wishes her the very best for the future.

“Nothing like this has ever happened here before and we’re just pleased mother and baby are doing well.”

The baby has been taken into care by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

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