Defense lawyer for George Zimmerman, Irish American Mark O’Mara has reported a death threat to the Orlando police.

Last month, O’Mara called the police and calmly described the threatening call. The police released the audio of the call on Tuesday, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

O’Mara, who is defending Zimmerman who is accused of the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin, said he didn’t “really want to bother” the police.

He told the police, “We've just gotten a threatening phone call” he said the caller used profanities and said "you're gonna die... and things like that."

The Irish American lawyer, originally from Queens, said, "There's just been a little bit of an uptick in some of the veiled threats on the internet and this one got right to us."

According to the police, the threat came through on 14th May, the day O’Mara first got access to the evidence in the case and began building a defense case for Zimmerman.

Also, on Tuesday O’Mara and his team decided to delay seeking a new bond hearing for his client, who returned to jail this weekend after Seminole Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester revoked his bond. The judge claims Zimmerman and his wife had lied about their knowledge of the $193,000 in donations from the public at his April bond hearing.

Posting on the legal defense team’s website O’Mara said, “Mr. Zimmerman's legal defense team has decided to delay filing a motion for bond. A hearing will not be scheduled for a couple of weeks, and we will file the motion well in advance of the hearing."

The start date for the trial is 8th August.

Attorney Mark O’Mara and George ZimmermanGoogle Images