Who is winning the gay marriage debate? Is is not the gays says a leading Catholic organization despite the New York State victory.

Brian Burch of CatholicVote.org claims that far from there being a wave of support for gay marriage the New York vote is a rare exception.

He says only six states have passed gay marriage bills and that already a backlash has developed.

He notes  whenever there was a vote the result was clear;

"In the 31 states where voters have been given the choice to redefine marriage -- we have won every time. Next November, Minnesota voters have the opportunity to become the 32nd state and North Carolina may not be far behind. "

As for the six who passed he claims the people who brought about the passage have already been punished.

He writes: "And what about those six states already with same-sex marriage?

"Voters in Iowa last year threw out three of their state Supreme Court judges that had decreed same-sex marriage. The Iowa State House has since strongly voted in support of a marriage amendment, and if Republicans can regain the State Senate, they likely will call for a vote in that chamber.

And in New Hampshire, politicians who supported so-called same-sex ‘marriage’ were booted out of office last November. As we write, significant efforts are already underway to oust the turncoat Republicans in New York that switched sides and voted for this new law. "

He states that "This year too, voter pressure stopped efforts to re-define marriage in both Rhode Island and Maryland.

He claims "Friday’s vote in New York may in fact represent the high water mark in the effort to redefine marriage in the United States. "

That is certainly a different perspective.



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