Senator David Norris may re-enter the race for Irish president after an opinion poll showed that one third of those polled wanted him too run.

In a statement Norris stated that he was ‘heartened’ by the response and this has fueled speculation that he may re-enter.

Norris, who is gay, resigned from the race after his backing for a former lover who was accused of underage sex crimes was revealed.

However, many in the Irish electorate believes that Norris should definitely run for president.

The new Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll shows that 34 per cent of the electorate want him to re-enter the  race while 18 per cent say they would support him.
He has  until September 28th to re-enter.

Michael D Higgins, the Labor Party candidate is ahead on 32 per cent with Fine Gael candidate Gay Mitchell on 23 per cent. Two independents lag well behind.

 When asked to describe Norris, voters called him "vibrant," "inspiring" and "modern" while rarely saying anything negative, according to the Independent.

Former Presidential candidate David NorrisGoogle Images