A man dumped as a baby in a London airport has launched a desperate search to find his mother – whom he believes to be Irish.

Father-of-two Steve Hydes was abandoned in a toilet at Gatwick Airport just days after his birth 26 years ago.

He has now embarked on a quest to find his birth mum after she left him in the ladies’ toilets in April 1986.

Christened Gary Gatwick at the time in British newspapers, the landscape gardener wants to be re-united with his natural mother.

Steve told the Irish Sun newspaper: “The experience always plays on my mind, I would like to find out.

“Having my own children, I am wrapped up in my own family now, but I do have thoughts about my birth mum and what she’s doing.”

Steve now lives with partner Sammy Collins and their children Alanna and Kian on the south coast of England.

The paper reports that he initially launched his search four years ago but despite DNA tests, he remains no closer to the truth.

His efforts have already unearthed a series of leads which suggest he could have Irish heritage, possibly from a travelling community that was resident not far from Gatwick in the 1980s.

He is hopeful that with his DNA now on file, there is a chance a match could suddenly appear.

Steve added: “I have done so much searching I’ve come to the point where I’ve explored all I can.

“It would blow my mind if something came up now — it is always in the back of my mind.”

Sammy’s adoptive dad Keith is helping with the search. He said: “There is only so much he can do but we still get a lot of calls and who knows, one might come up trumps.”

Steve with his partner Sammy and daughter Alanna