An Irish barman in London has banned his compatriots for booing England and laughing at their World Cup misery.

Galway man Ambrose Gordon has told his regulars it’s a strict ‘no cheer, no beer’ policy at the Man of Aran pub.

The North London landlord imposed the ban after a group of Irish drinkers booed England during their defeat to Uruguay on Thursday night.

England have since been guaranteed to exit the tournament after Costa Rica’s shock win over Italy on Friday.

But Gordon insists the boo ban will remain in place for England’s final game against Costa Rica on Tuesday night.

He told the BBC: “I would stop any Irishman from cheering, I wouldn’t be having it,

“We had a lovely crowd in for the England game, there were about 200 of them.

“Down in the corner were a group of Irish lads, but they wanted England to win and that’s the truth.

“There was one lad who came in singing about Suarez, but straight away it was bye bye to him.

“The English lads took their beating and there wasn’t a problem.”

After living in London for over 50 years, Gordon insists he has no problem with his English neighbors.

He added: “It is about respect. There would be northern lads here from Antrim and I’d tell them that they are taking the sterling.

“I worked on building sites with English men and I never had trouble. They paid up the money and there was no messing at all.”

Ireland’s own World Cup adventures hold fond memories for Ambrose who worked at the Spotted Dog in London at the time of the 1990 win over Romania.

He recalled: “There were about 500 Irish fans in the bar and they went out and climbed the telegraph poles and stuck a tricolor on top.”