An Irish tourist office landed upside down after gale force winds battered the country over the holidays.

The pre-fab building on Achill Island in Co. Mayo was flipped over onto its roof last Wednesday afternoon by high winds. The temporary office was used during the summer to welcome visitors to the scenic island off the west coast.

The structure is around 20foot long and 10foot wide and was flipped on its side and then onto its roof by the winds.

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Achill Tourism manager, Helen Applegarth, told the Irish Independent that there didn’t seem to be too much destruction done.

"It doesn't look to be too damaged," Applegarth said.

"We had some work done on it earlier in the year and it seems to have protected it from actually breaking the roof and the walls." Ms Applegarth.

"Hopefully we'll be able to restore services in the summer," she added.