Ricky Nixon, the GAA sex scandal scout, flew into Ireland from Australia last night to visit a number of schools.

Police in Australia are looking to quiz the Aussie Rules agent over the recent allegations that he took drugs with a 17-year-old girl the sportsman is alleged to have had an affair with.

Nixon, 47,  who is married with children, is at the center of a major scandal after admitting "inappropriate dealings" with the teenager.

The agent will be calling to three secondary schools in Dublin over the coming days, a senior Australian based GAA source told the Irish Daily Mirror.

The source said, "He got on a flight to Ireland and will be scouting. There is a storm about this guy in Australia so it's little wonder he is getting out of here."

The 47-year-old father has denied having an affair with the teenager or taking drugs with her, and has claimed that recorded proof taken by the girl is a set-up.

Responding to the news a senior GAA source said, "This is totally outrageous. He clearly shouldn't be coming to Ireland at this time."

The news of the alleged affair has jeopardized Nixon’s career, with speculation mounting that a number of high-profile Australian Football League clients are considering.

Nixon represents a host of Irish sport stars including Tommy Walsh, and has brought many talented GAA players to Aussie Rules in the last number of years. The players filmed an RTE series called the “Oz Factor” in 2009.

The “Herald Sun” newspaper in Australia revealed details of the supposed sordid affair between the pair. A recording involving the teenage girl and Nixon snorting cocaine has been passed onto police.

During the recording a female the teenager claims is herself can be heard saying: "What the hell, as if you do a line that big."

A man the teenager claims is Nixon, but cannot be seen then responds: "I'm a big boy. You should know that.”

The teenager who alleges she had an affair with the Australian Football League player manager said she shot the footage as the “ultimate revenge.”

A spokeswoman from Victoria Police said officers plan to interview Nixon about the matter.
The teenage girl has also been questioned.


Ricky Nixon, Aussie Rules agent, involved in a sex scandal back home is now visiting Ireland to scout new talent within the GAA