The family of honeymoon murder victim Michaela McAreavey has suffered more heartache.

Tyrone football boss Mickey Harte, Michaela’s father, is now coming to terms with the death of his brother Paddy. Paddy Harte had been ill for some time.

It’s the latest tragedy to hit the All-Ireland winning manager who lost his daughter Michaela last month and his other brother Peter, a former Ulster GAA chief, last October.

Harte had written of his love for daughter Michaela in an Irish News column on Saturday, his first since she was murdered while on honeymoon with her new husband John in Mauritius.

“When John entered Michaela’s life some five years ago, her happiness accelerated at an unprecedented pace,” wrote Harte.

“As she rightly acknowledged in her wedding speech, ‘John made me a better person,' As in all true, loving relationships, John was able to assure Michaela that the feeling was mutual.

“We feel particularly for John, who had to deal with the most acute and traumatic elements of this tragedy initially on his own.

“Both families are convinced that it’s only by the power of prayer and the presence of Michaela’s spirit that we are able to function at all these last few weeks.

“The number of cards and letters we have received across the entire political and religious spectrum is now in the thousands and for that we are most appreciative. I will personally read every syllable over the coming months.

“I have already read more than a thousand of these messages of support and the fact that Michaela’s principled lifestyle and deep faith has resonated with so many, from eight to 88, is very emotional yet very consoling.”

Meanwhile, one of the suspects in the Michaela McAreavey murder investigation has had all the charges against him dropped.

Hotel security worker Seenarain Mungoo faced a conspiracy charge but has now been released and will not face any further investigation.

Police in Mauritus retain four other men in custody and two of them have been charged with Michaela’s murder.

GAA legend Mickey Harte pictured with his late daughter Michaela on her wedding day