Aer Lingus passengers face further chaos with two more strikes planned by cabin crew for June – and that’s just for starters.

Hostesses and stewards are to intensity their industrial action after talks with management over new rosters broke down.

Trade union Impact has confirmed the further industrial action after the breakdown of talks.

Staff plan to down tools on Monday, June 16th and Wednesday, June 18th in a move which will have a major impact on travel plans for tens of thousands of passengers.

The union told the Irish Times that management in Aer Lingus had refused to negotiate in good faith.

A spokesman claimed instead that Aer Lingus bosses had issued a ‘take-it-or-leave-it proposal which they knew was unacceptable.’

The union claims that the Aer Lingus management proposal would have resulted in hundreds of job losses.

Crew staged a one day strike last week which affected nearly 30,000 people and cost the airline over $10 million.

Cabin crew want Aer Lingus to introduce a fixed roster of five days on duty, followed by three days off, similar to the arrangement in place for pilots at the airline.

Impact official Michael Landers told the Irish Times that the union had been willing to continue talks over the weekend.

He said: “Management walked away from the talks. Their only proposals in three days of talks would require staff who currently fly short and long haul flights to be rostered solely for one or the other.

“By tabling a clearly-unacceptable take-it-or-leave-it proposal, which would inevitably lead to hundreds of Irish jobs being exported to the USA, management has demonstrated that it never intended to negotiate in good faith - and that it cares little about unemployment or the Irish economy.

“Cabin crew are up against a management team that seems determined on conflict rather than trying to find practical and acceptable solutions. Therefore, we have had to conclude that, regrettably, only further industrial action can bring about a constructive approach from management.”

A statement from Aer Lingus said: “Impact’s disregard for customers and Ireland’s reputation in latest strike threat is indefensible.

“Despite being offered what they sought in last week’s strike, the union has opted to threaten further days of customer disruption.”