Mourners that attended the funeral of Toyosi Shittabey, the 15-year-old schoolboy who was murdered in racially motivated attack in the west Dublin suburb of Tyrrelstown last Friday, have been warned not to partake in a panned protest in Dublin City tomorrow.

"No amount of protest, no demonstration will bring back this boy's soul. Your good mind is what he needs-not fighting, not crying." said Imam Shehu Adeniji.

The Imam said the "demonstration is uncalled for. We do not approve of it. It is creating social unrest."

Assistant Imam, Alhaj Saliu Adewunmi Adeniran is concerned about the "intention of those who want to protest. It can instigate problems with teenagers and we are worried about where it might lead."

Toyosi was given an Islamic burial, and members of the public including community leaders, teachers, football officials and friends were allowed to file passed his open coffin.

The coffin was draped in the flag of the Shelbourne soccer club and his teammates from Littlepace soccer club formed a guard of honor around the hearse.

Nigerian custom forbids the parents of the child from attending the burial of their son.

The shrouded body was removed from the coffin and lowered into the grave by two imams.

Toyosi's two brothers were the first to throw soil onto their brother’s body, followed by friends.

Imama Adeniji said prayers and stated that this was "just a big lesson for everybody, so it can improve our lives. Say from now on, I will be law-abiding and follow the way of God. I will not be negative for now."

Adeniji then requested that people support Toyosi's family both financially and morally during their time of need.

The racially motivated murder has stunned the Irish nation and has highlighted a dark underbelly in a small but significant portion of Irish society.

In attendance at the funeral were Minister of State for Equality and Integration Mary White, the Nigerian ambassador to Ireland and MEP Joe Higgins.