An Irish fugitive attorney has managed to get residential status in Brazil.

The Irish Independent reports that the Mayo man has been able to use the birth of his son to obtain a permanent Brazilian visa.

The newspaper obtained Government records which show the rogue businessman and his wife Brid Murphy were granted a visa on June 26, as their child was born there.

Michael Lynn is wanted by Irish authorities for dozens of fraud related charges. However the international warrant obtained by Irish police is not recognized in Brazil.

There is no bilateral extradition treaty between Brazil and Ireland, so Lynn could remain untouched by Irish authorities if he remains there.

It is understood Lynn had been using temporary tourist visas prior to this, which meant he could only stay in the country for around six weeks at a time.

Lynn was struck off the solicitors’ register in 2007 by the Law Society of Ireland after it emerged that he used clients’ money to fund his lavish lifestyle and raised almost €80 million ($103 million) by securing multiple fake mortgages on the same properties.

He fled Ireland in 2007 and lived in Portugal for some time.

Michael Lynn is now out of the reach of Ireland's law as a Brazilian residentGoogle Images