A French ad for betting agency PMU, titled ‘You like to bet,’ references the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

French betting agency PMU’s ad makes comical references to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The 30 second ad that was released online this week has received criticism from viewers who wrote that it was “sick” and “in poor taste.”

The ad for the horse betting agency PMU shows a crowd waiting for Kennedy’s car to drive by when a shot is fired and an actress dressed like First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy attempts to get out of the car. The shot, the viewer assumes, is fired by a Dallas police officer who was bet by his friend that he could not swing his gun around his finger three times “like a cowboy.” The officer attempts the trick, but in the process fires his weapon.

Seeing the First Lady flee, the cop says, “It wasn’t down here,” and points upwards to suggest another shooter. The ad ends with sirens in the background and “You like to bet?” printed across the screen.

The ad was made by Publicis Conseil. Publicis USA did not respond to the NY Daily News’ request for comment. The video on youtube had 54 thumbs down as of Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

Comments about the video have been largely negative. Jimmy Olivero wrote, “You have to be a pretty desperate actor/talent or extra to be a part of this disgusting video!” Some Youtube users have told other commenters to lighten up and argue that the ad is funny. Jack Weisenstein wrote, “Oh, for god’s sake. Lighten up, people. Funny how we Americans bellow about free speech and freedom of expression to the world, but turn into whining teenagers when someone else dares to joke about something in our own history.”

PMU released a similar ad, also made by Publicis Conseil, making light of the Titanic. In that one, the captain and a member of the crew make bets on how long they can steer the ship with their hand over their eyes.

You can watch the full ad here: