French midfielder Lasana Diarra has issued a threat against Irish player Keith Andrews who has accused Diarra of refusing to shake hands with him and calling him "An Irish pr*** at the end of their World Cup game in Dublin on Saturday.

"I don't know exactly what happened, even if it happens quite often," Diarra told reporters. "If Andrews asks for trouble, we will meet again on Wednesday. Andrews walked on my ankle during the second half."

Andrews claims he went to shake hands with Diarra when the Frenchman refused to and cursed and swore at him.

Diarra also said that the Irish were ''looking for trouble'' at the end of Saturday's World Cup clash which ended in a 1-0 victory for the French.

"The Irishmen have been frustrated. They lost 1-0. They are looking for trouble. Maybe they wanted me to get a card,” Diarra said.

“I didn't say anything. I have absolutely nothing against Irish people. I played for five years in England and I never had any trouble. They are talking to the press. We can talk to the press too."

Diarra's comments are bound to inflame passions even more for the return leg in Paris on Wednesday.

Diarra's team-mate Patrice Evrasaid says he hopes the name calling and clashes will end in the return leg at Stade de France.

"I just asked John O'Shea (A Manchester United teammate) to calm down his players," said the Manchester United left-back. ''We don't have to make any controversy out of that, the return leg will be heated enough. They lost and we woke up Irish pride. I don't think Irish players needed that to be motivated."