Talk about Christmas left overs. For 15 years now pugilistic pundit Bill O'Reilly has been reheating the war on Christmas.

Although fifteen years is a very long time to fight a so-called war, O'Reilly has never been deterred by irony. Each year he calls on his viewers to man the trenches for another make or break round of seasonal make believe.

"For the past 15 years, we have stood up for Christmas here on the 'Factor,' O'Reilly reminded his credulous viewers. And why not? The cobwebs gathering on all those supposedly threatened Christmas trees and mangers must need a big annual dusting. 


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O'Reilly and other Fox News pundits been ridiculed year after year for extensivley reporting threats against the holiday season that no one else actually sees, but they are still as committed to it as ever.

On Friday, O'Reilly lost his mind contemplating the Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, whose decision to erect a 'holiday tree' incensed Fox's Christmas purists.

'Amazingly dumb!" O'Reilly scoffed. The he indulged in a bit of his own Scrooge-like bah humbugging at that the called 'secular progressives' and their nefarious conspiracy to make him conscious of the fact that not everyone in America agrees with his political views.