A little Irish American girl saved her brother from choking by calmly calling 911 while adults panicked.

Four-year-old Grace Varley of Amityville, Long Island, saved her little brother Myles when her grandmother was unable to dislodge a chicken bone and she ran with the boy to get the neighbors.

Grace was left with her little brother Connor but calmly picked up the phone and, as she had learned in Pre K, called the 911 service and gave them the correct information. The first words she said were “my brother is not moving.”

Within minutes the emergency services showed up. Sergeant John Sullivan took the call and praised the child.

"She was very calm, cool and collected, Time is of the essence when you have a child that is not breathing.”

Officer John Andriella was the first to respond to the call and he held Myles upside down and slapped his back until the bone dislodged.

The children had been having dinner with their granny, Christina Doran, when the emergency occurred. Doran first tried to call emergency services but could not get through, then she ran to get help.

“A chicken nugget was stuck in his throat," Grace told Newsday. “I was scared I thought he was never going to wake up.”

Asked if she liked being a hero Grace replied. “I like it because it makes me feel very happy.”

Grace Varley and her brother Myles