The police officer responsible for shooting the attacker at the massacre in the Fort Hood army base used to work in an Irish pub in Newton, Massachusetts, it was revealed. reports that Sergeant Kimberly D. Munley spent a couple years as a waitress at Dunn-Gaherin’s bar and restaurant in Newton Upper Falls earlier this decade.

Co-owner Seana Gaherin told that since news spread about the Fort Hood hero, patrons have been calling into the pub asking if she was the waitress they knew as Kimberly Barbour.

"I think there's so many people that would love to know that it truly is her," Gaherin said. "We're all happy that she only sustained injuries and she's going to be okay."

The pub owner said that Munley, 34, played on Dunn-Gaherin's softball team and dressed as the Demi Moore character "GI Jane" for Halloween on year.

"She was a tough little lady. She was very energetic," said manager Laura Kenny. "I wasn't entirely surprised to hear that she would have done that. That was definitely her character."

Munley, who is a civilian police officer, shot Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan, ending a shooting rampage that saw 13 killed and at least 28 wounded on Thursday at Fort Hood.

Base commander Lieutenant General Robert Cone said that Munley’s actions were "amazing and aggressive."

She was wounded in both of her thighs and her wrist and is in the hospital in stable condition.