A helicopter which was used regularly by Ireland’s former richest man, Sean Quinn, was sold off recently for a cool €1m. On the market since last year, the chopper has been sold to British helicopter operator and trainer Castle Air.

The Independent
reports that the chopper, an Agusta AW109E which seats eight, was used regularly by Sean Quinn, though he also lent it out from time to time. Former Taoiseach Brian Cowen used it in 2002 when he flew to Donegal for campaigning.

The chopper, bought as new by the Quinn Group, accrued 2,145 hours of flying by the time it was put up for sale last year.
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Also on sale from the Quinn Group is their private jet, a 2005 Dassault Falcon 200EX, for $17.5m (€12m). The luxury private jet is outfitted with golden fixtures on the interior, and can carry 10 people. It was used almost weekly for the six years it was in the possession of the Quinn Group.

The sale of the aircraft comes just after the Quinn family made a legal action against IBRC (formerly Anglo Irish Bank) in the hope of saving some of their wealth.

The Quinn family claimed in court last week that “Anglo ‘shovelled’ €2.34bn in loans toward Sean Quinn after discovering his ‘towering’ stake in the bank, which threatened to collapse it.”

Lawyers for the Quinn family found the loans to be an "egregious, and we would say, almost deliberate breach" of company law and market rules.

Sean Quinn photographed outside court in Decemberjournal.com