Former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley has revealed he will challenge Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy again for the office in 2014 -- and also dished on his favorite perks when he was envoy in Dublin.

Foley lost by a little over 6,000 votes in the last election and says he is confident he can win.
He recently stirred up controversy by saying Malloy’s new popularity was due to the aftershocks of the Newtown school shooting.

In the Connecticut Post interview he stated, “The point I was trying to make is that leaders during crises get what I call a halo effect. Everybody during a crisis looks to their leaders and wants to look favorably on them and their ability to address a crisis. The Quinnipiac poll is the first poll that had come out measuring his favorables and unfavorables since Sandy Hook and the storm in the fall, and so I was making the point that whatever benefit he got from those two crises was embedded in those two poll results. The good will that comes from a leader during a crisis has a pretty short half-life, so I don't think that the governor can count on that result and those polls lasting unless he does something about the issues that matter most to Connecticut residents, which are jobs and the economy.

“And I pointed out on that "Capitol Report" show that, despite a 48-percent favorable perception of the voters, he only had a 42-percent re-elect number, so many of those people who perceive him favorably still aren't planning to vote for him in 2014.”

Asked about the perks of the Dublin Embassy job he responded, “Well, representing the United States of America overseas is a wonderful privilege, but the best perk I would say is that you can get anybody over for dinner.”

US Ambassador to Ireland Thomas Foley briefed Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern and other senior officials from his department on possible terrorist threats, screening a presentation entitled 'StemmGoogle Images