Former Prime Minister Bertie Ahern could face seven years in jail for perjury charges after evidence he had lied were forwarded to police authorities.

Current Irish PM Enda Kenny has already forwarded the findings of the Mahon Tribunal to police after Ahern was found guilty of lying about political donations

The Criminal Assets Bureau is also investigating the Mahon Tribunal’s findings of widespread corruption in political life.

Opinion in favor of jailing Ahern seems strong.

Readers of an Irish Sunday newspaper have called for disgraced former Prime Minister Bertie Ahern to be jailed in the wake of the Mahon Tribunal report.

A massive eight out of ten Irish Sun readers have called on the government to put Ahern behind bars after the tribunal found he accepted corrupt payments from developers.

The poll results were published as Ahern announced his decision to resign from the Fianna Fail party before it voted to expel him.

An overwhelming 82 per cent of voters on want Ahern sent to prison over his false tribunal evidence.

Women were the most critical with more than 90 per cent in favour of sending Ahern to jail for perjury and corruption.

Ahern could face seven years in jail if a court finds him guilty of perjury.

Ahern confirmed on Sunday that he has resigned from Fianna Fail before the party leadership got to vote on a motion to have him expelled.

“I am deeply saddened at the move,” he said. “The last thing I want to do, given that I have now retired as a public representative, is to be a source of political division in the party I care about.

“In tendering my resignation, I want people to understand that this is a political decision. This is not an admission of wrongdoing. I have told the truth.

“I reject the findings of this inaccurate and unsubstantiated report in the strongest manner.”

“The past week since the Mahon report was published has been extremely difficult.

“What has been said about me is erroneous, unwarranted and unjust. The Tribunal is not a court of law. And it is not infallible.”