Bill Clintonhas claimed that Republican Mitt Romney will “come after the Irish next” after recent disparaging comments about Italians owning the car company Chrysler.

After Clinton made the Irish comment he added, “which means I’m in trouble” pointing to his Irish ancestry during a speech in St.Cloud Minnesota.

Clinton was referring to Romney’s recent statements that Barack Obama had sold the Chrysler Car Company to Italians and that the “Italians” had then sent American jobs to China.

The allegations that the company would ship Jeep jobs to China were part of an advertising campaign which was unusually refuted by both Chrysler and GM car executives.

Clinton explained that Chrysler had been sold to Italian car company Fiat who had actually turned the company around and restored it to profitability.

Clinton called Romney’s allegations about foreign influence absurd and stated it was an attempt to create some kind of “Deep dark conspiracy.”

It was then he used the line that the Irish could be next on Romney’s hit list.

Clinton has been hot on the stump forPresident Obama in the final days of the campaign and has been acting as his surrogate in several second tier battleground states such as Minnesota and Pennsylvania.