Darren Scully, the former Mayor of Kildare who was forced to resign after making racist comments, is rushing to the defense of the politician who filed complaints against him.
In November, Scully made the following remarks that created a huge controversy:
“I will no longer represent black Africans, I have been met with aggressiveness and bad manners. They are aggressive and quick to play the race card.”
Scully was roundly criticized, and it was Aodhan O Riordain, Labourpolitician and Dublin North Central TD, who reported Scully for the comments.
In recent days it has been revealed that O’Riordain himself has been the subject of serious threats from anonymous sources.
He has received letters that include threats to put a bullet in his head, among other things.

Scully has been one of the first to condemn the threats against O’ Riordain
"I think what's happening to Deputy O'Riordain is terrible, nobody should be sending anybody any threatening and abusive emails and texts. I feel for the man as I have been in that position myself and it cannot be condoned in any way," he said, according to the Evening Herald.
"At the end of the day we are all human beings and we haven't got a suit of amour, and when you receive nasty stuff through emails and text messages it's very unpleasant."