Senator David Norris, the Irish politician who was involved in a controversial run for the presidency last year, is now back in the news for the non-payment of some $40,000 in campaign debt.
PR company Paul Allen and Associates Public Relations is trying to recoup the fees it says is due to them for their services provided during Norris’ run.
The firm has received two-thirds of what is due, but the remaining amount is still unpaid.
“It is on public record that there is money outstanding which is owed to my firm,” said Paul Allen, according the Irish Independent.
"It is up to Mr. Norris to explain exactly why it hasn't been paid; you'll need to talk to him."
Liam McCabe, who managed the Norris campaign, told the Irish Independent that he no longer was involved in the affair.
"I don't mean to be rude but my function is over, as the campaign is over."
Norrisconfirmed to the Independent that the issue was now in the hands of his legal representatives.
"Yes, there is an issue and the court records will reflect it. I'm sorry I have nothing else to say."
Norris’ campaign was riddled with controversy.  An early frontrunner, his campaign took a turn when an interview unearthed from the early 2000s featured Norris making controversial comments about pederasty.