The Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Martin will meet with his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman, in Brussels Monday.

An Israeli hit squad allegedly used five Irish passports to enter Dubai and assassinate a leading Hamas figure.

Martin will raise the issue of fake passports with the Israel minister.

Israel denies any allegations that Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, was behind the Hamas assassination.

"There has been a lot of speculation out there that there may have been Mossad involvement. We don’t have any cast-iron proof of anything but we will see if can shed any light on this and give any clarification and give his perspective,” said Martin.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) police chief is "99 percent" positive that Mossad was behind the assassination.

The Ministers will meet at the EU foreign Ministers gathering in Brussels this morning. The British foreign secretary David Miliband is expected to quiz the Israeli minister at a separate meeting.

Israel has not yet claimed responsibility for the assassination. “We don’t need to defend ourselves but if there is to be an inquiry and we are asked to co-operate, then we will do so", said an anonymous Israeli official.

The official also said that there should be diplomatic tension between the concerned states.

"It is very unpleasant to see all these allegations and so-called revelations. Once direct talks have taken place things can be straightened out. There is no need for any strain or tension," said the official.

The UAE foreign Minister has told Martin that the UAE may tighten conditions for EU travelers.

"He said there was pressure mounting in his country in terms of the visa facilitation that currently exists there for EU citizens and the ease with which we can go there, and there have been calls for curbing such access now and going back to having to apply for visas because of what has happened,” said Martin

Martin said travel restrictions would have a negative impact on EU workers in the UAE.

“I think they’re anxious also that it would be aired and articulated at EU level . . . They thanked us for our co-operation but they are clearly very angry at what has happened as well." said Martin.

"The abuse of passports poses a global threat, affecting both countries' national security as well as personal security of travelers."


Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin in New YorkNuala Purcell