The Irish Aviation Authority has announced that Ireland will become a “no fly zone” again tomorrow as the Icelandic cloud of ash drifts back in the direction of Ireland.

Although emissions from the volcano have been low over the last number of days the cloud is now drifting south and could impact Ireland and the Scottish Isles.

The dust cloud is sitting 20,000 feet over parts of Ireland. Also the weather conditions in Ireland are not favorable which is adding to risks.

Irish authorities are receiving information from the Volcanic Ash Advice Center. They suggest a “no fly zone” may affect Dublin, Shannon and some regional airports. The decision for tomorrows flights will be made this afternoon.

However Donegal airport has already closed and two Aer Arann flights have been cancelled.

Overall flights from Britain and Europe should not be affected. It is only flights originating in Irish airports that may be disrupted.

Eamon Brennan, Chief Executive of the Irish Aviation Authority said “The latest information we have is that some of the denser volcanic ash, that's the no-fly zone, is over the Donegal area and we are concerned about the north-easterly winds moving this down over the rest of the country.”

Icelandic volcano ash clouds en route to Ireland