Here are the top five reasons for and against celebrating the coming heir to the British throne.

1. For:

For the first time the child will be third in line for the throne after Charles and William regardless of sex.


If he/she is silly enough to marry a Catholic and convert they cannot become king or queen (Act of Succession).

2. For:

Will be head of state over sixteen countries.


About half of which wish the Brits and the royal heir would bugger off for good.

3. For:

Will be the first royal birth to be announced by Twitter.

Against :

Be alert for mindless media madness multiplied by millions because of internet age.

4. For:

Kate and William,a likeable couple become parents.


Battle axe Camilla becomes a step-grandmother right out of the wicked witch.

5. For:

Lady Di’s revenge ---her progeny will take over the crown one day.


Lady Di will never see her grandchildren.

Kate Middleton (Catherine Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince WilliamGoogle Images