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The monks at Glenstal Abbey in Limerick, Ireland are known for their old world ways but now they have an iPhone app to tell the world about themselves.

Businessman Dermot Desmond is the man behind the idea for the cloistered order of Benedictine monks.

Father Simon Sleeman met Desmnd at a wedding and the idea blossomed from there.   

Sleeman told the Cork Examiner that "I was doing a wedding and I met Dermot Desmond. Dermot had his iPad on his lap and he asked me: ‘Simon, where is the app for Glenstal?’ So I said to him that I would get one going. So when I came back home I set about trying to get one. I got on to some people about making it happen and went back to Dermot who got me in touch with some other people to help develop it and it went from there," he said.

Sleeman says the app is completely in keeping with St.Bendict’s teachings which read;.
"Do everything with consultation and you will have no regrets when the deed is done."

Sleeman is happy the  outside world can now learn about Glenstal though he himself does not have a phone.

"No I don’t have one myself I admit but I’ve had a look at the app and we think it looks very well," he said.

The application which is free provides the daily prayer and a selection of Gregorian chants as well as the rules of St. Benedict.

Read more: Visit Glenstal Abbey - Benedictine monastery in Murroe