A fire ripped through two Irish businesses, Behan’s Pub and the Emerald Pharmacy, on Katonah Avenue, in the Bronx, on Wednesday evening.

The fire is reported to have to started in the basement of Behan’s bar, at the center of the Irish community of Woodlawn, at approximately 10.30pm. The fire had moved into the adjoining building before 11pm. Luckily a firewall in the Emerald Pharmacy stopped the fire from spreading.

No one was hurt in the incident. Both businesses are family run and owned.

A patron from the bar said the staff ushered people from the bar to safety and keep a perimeter around the building until the emergency services came on the scene.

It took two hours to bring the fire under control.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the source of the fire.

Katonah Avenue, where the fire broke out, runs through the heart of the Irish and Irish American neighborhood. The area is a popular nighttime destination due to its many Irish pubs and restaurants.


The blaze at Behan's Pub on Katonah AvenueABC