Bankers and corrupt politicans have done more damage to the Irish economy than the IRA and should be “treated like subversives”, Fine Gael communications and energy spokesman Leo Varadkar has said.

"I don't believe the public can move on until we see the arrest of those who caused this crisis. These people have done more damage to the economy than the IRA did. They should be treated like subversives," deputy Varadkar said yesterday in the Irish parliament.

“The public are furious that none of these people have been brought to book and they are right and we cannot move on until they are prosecuted,” he added.

Mr Varadkar was speaking during a Dáil (Irish parliament) debate on the economy when he called on the Government to ensure corrupt banking officials were brought to justice.

Thursday's debate on the Irish economy once again witnessed strong criticism from opposition parties over the current Governments handling of the crisis.

Fine Gael’s enterprise spokesman Richard Briton said the Government is offering no solutions and scorning those suggested by opposition groups.

“The Government sits and talks about the need to confront our problems but offers nothing in the way of solutions. Any solutions that come from the opposition side are characterized [by the Government] as stupid, mealy-mouthed and no good. That’s not constructive dialogue,” he said.

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern attacked opposition parties for making empty declarations on how to deal with the gap in the public finances.

“Talk won’t fill that gap, nor will vague political declarations about locating uncosted waste. Ireland needs concrete proposals,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Mary Coughlan said that the eyes of many will be focused on Ireland over the coming coming weeks as the upcoming budget date approaches.