The black box recording has revealed the final conversation between the pilots on the doomed Air France Flight 447 before the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killed all 228 passengers including three young Irish doctors.

The conversation between David Robert (37) and Pierre Cedric Bonin (32) was released as part of a report which ultimately lays blame for the crash on their lack of experience.

When the Airbus 330 hit a tropical storm Robert asked “What do you think? What should we do?'

Bonin replied “I don't have control of the plane at all.” The stall alarm then sounded for the sixth time in two minutes.

According to the Daily Telegraph the most senior captain Marc Dubois (58) was on a routine break from the cockpit. Dubois had 11,000 flying hours experience compared to Robert’s 6,500 and Bonin’s 2,900.

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Dubois took a full minute to get back to the cockpit. “So is he coming?” Robert swears with frustration.

Robert is also heard saying  “What’s happening? I don't know, I don't know what's happening.”

Two years after the crash it has been determined that the plane’s airspeed sensors had frozen because of this the plane was suffering a loss of lift. Instead of lowering the nose the pilots in the cockpit raised it.

Bonin is heard saying “I've got a problem I don't have vertical speed. I don't have any indication…I don't know but right now we're descending.'

The last four minutes of the recording sees the two men trying desperately to control the plane and shouting out short panicked questions.

As the plane approaches the water the computer is heard saying “Sink rate. Pull up, pull up, pull up”. Captain Dubois can be heard saying “Go on: pull”.

Bonin replies saying 'We're pulling, pulling, pulling, pulling.'

At no point during the conversations in the cockpit to any of the men mention the possibility of dying. They are entirely focused on righting the situation.

A full judicial investigation is being carried out in Paris. Air France and Airbus are both facing manslaughter charges.