A video of the incident shows two women wrestling on the ground as another woman screams them on outside McDonald's in Waterford. 

Footage of two women fighting in Waterford City is being widely spread online with more than 240,000 views so far. 

The video shows three women in an altercation outside of McDonald's in Waterford, clearly arguing before the blonde woman in a black jacket launches herself at a woman with black hair and a pink jacket who appears to have been picking up the contents of her shopping bag from the ground.

The two fall to the ground and the blonde woman continues to beat the other as her accomplice shouts encouragement while hovering above. The fight is eventually broken up by passersby but not before some 50 people had stopped to watch. 

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“I’m not sure how it started but I remember one of the two girls saying ‘my son is in the ground because of you’ or something along the lines of that,” an anonymous witness told Metro UK.

“There were about 50 to 100 people watching. Everyone watched for about a minute and then broke it up.

“The woman that got attacked had a bloody nose, and the women that attacked started walking around saying things like ‘who won?’ and ‘what did you all think of that?’

“You know like just trying to please the crowd. Then they both went about their business.”

A spokesman for the Garda (Irish police) said: “There is no assault incident matching these details on record for that day. Perhaps no complaint was made to Gardaí.”

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