Some 121,900 people across the globe have now signed a petition to save the life of Lennox, a Belfast dog who is on death row.

Caroline Barnes, the owner of the dog, is awaiting a court decision on the future of the five-year-old pet whose order to be put down prompted a global campaign to save his life. The final decision is due in the next two weeks.

Lennox was seized by a Belfast city council dog warden in May 2010 due to his likeness to a pit-bull. Under the Dangerous Dog Order 1991, pitbull dogs are a banned breed in the North. Barnes maintains the dog is actually an American Bulldog Labrador cross.


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“He was reported by a dog warden who came to my house…who reported him as a pitbull even though she’d only seen a glimpse of him through a gate at the rear of our property,” Barnes wrote on the Save Lennox website.

During the last appeal case in September 2011, Judge Henry Rodgers ruled that Lennox posed a danger to the public and must be put down.

The owners have appealed that decision and the judge has until January 20 to respond.

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