Ireland will be lashed by torrential storms and high winds for days according to weather experts as the recent phase of terrible weather conditions continue.

Fears that further massive flooding will occur in places that are already under water, or just recovering from deluge-like conditions, have been expressed.

Cork City is especially threatened by the new storms, which are expected to last for several days, Met Eireann, the national weather service reported.

Cork City Council issued a flood alert for parts of the city for the weekend.

“During the period of southeasterly winds, low barometric pressure and heavy rainfall and in particular if combined with the high tide periods, there is a danger of tidal flooding in the city," said a weather spokesman. It is possible that flooding may occur in the low-lying areas of the city centre.

It was predicted that between 9 and 12 inches of rain could fall between on Saturday alone."

“Considering where we are at the moment, with some areas flooded and because the water-table is high, it has the potential to cause more difficulty," said the spokesma, who also stated that that south to southwest winds could reach speeds of 80 miles per hour .

Rough seas are also likely as a high tide warning is in place, and boats are being warned to keep to shore.