Sex fiend Larry Murphy has denied any involvement in the disappearance and suspected murder of Long Island girl Annie McCarrick.

Ireland’s most vile sex criminal has been tracked down to London by the Irish Sun.

Now banned from the South London pub where he had been a regular for over a year, Murphy was spotted drinking with a female companion.

When approached by the newspaper he apologized for the 2000 rape and attempted murder he was convicted of by a Dublin court.

But Murphy denied any involvement in any other sex crime including the disappearance and suspected murder of McCarrick.

The 26-year-old was last seen at a Wicklow pub in 1993 and police believe the American student was murdered.

Now 49, ‘Beast of Baltinglass’ Murphy has been living in London since March of last year.

He was released from Arbour Hill prison in Dublin in 2010 after he was jailed for 15 years for the vicious rape and abduction of a young mum in 2000.

Murphy apologized for that crime when approached by the Irish Sun but denied any knowledge of a number of missing women including McCarrick.

Approached at the Horse and Groom pub in Streatham, Wicklow-born Murphy said: “Of course, I’m sorry”.

Asked about his links to missing women, he said: “No, I didn’t kill anyone.”

He then claimed the Irish media have distorted his words and added: “I’ve said it several times, it’s always twisted. It’s always twisted around.

“Every time I say something it’s twisted in the papers. Everyone says something different.”

Regulars in the pub were horrified when they discovered Murphy’s true identity after he had claimed to be a carpenter called Charlie. The pub has since banned the Irish sex beast.

One regular told the Irish Sun: “He is in the pubs quite regularly, he’s a familiar face.

“He is mostly there on his own, but he knows a lot of the regulars to say hello. Most of the people who drink around here are locals, Londoners, though there are a few Irish and they are the ones who began to suspect who he is.

“He is quite friendly, nobody had any idea. When we found out we were shocked, and nobody wants to know him now, or to be anywhere near him. We want him out.”