Fianna Fail are ready to offer Sean Gallagher a return to the fold – with the incentive of a European Parliament challenge.

Reports on Monday claim that party leaders are interested in making a new approach to Gallagher after his Presidential election bid.

A former member of the party’s National Executive, it was the link to Fianna Fail that cost Gallagher the election after claims by Sinn Fein that he has acted as a bagman at a Dundalk dinner.

Fianna Fail power brokers believe Gallagher could be enticed back on board with the offer of a European Parliament campaign.



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Gallagher made it clear in weekend interviews that he will consider a return to politics when the dust has settled on the Presidential campaign.

One Fianna Fail TD, member of the Irish Parliament, told the Irish Independent “I hope he does come back to politics and to Fianna Fail.

“In fairness to him, he was really disillusioned by the party during the last six months in Government and he didn’t really go into that in the election.

“He was disappointed that so little was being done for small businesses.”

Some Fianna Fail officials believe Gallagher would be the ideal candidate to run against sitting European Parliament member Mairead McGuinness in the Ireland East constituency.

“If he wanted to run for the Dail (Irish parliament) in Louth he could, because everyone expects Seamus Kirk will retire,” added the TD.

Gallagher served as director of elections for Kirk in the 2007 General Election.