There were few classified Irish cables contained in this WikiLeaks documents that were leaked this week. The cables were sent from the US embassy in Dublin to the State Department (the last one was sent to Washington in June 2008).

The June able is the only one sent from Ireland classified “secret NOFORN” which means it was not to be made accessible to non-US nationals.

The US embassy in Dublin did not contact the Irish Government in advance of Sunday’s release of leaked documents because it did not consider the leaked material's sensitive enough.

In many cases, cables from Ireland with military or security related tags carried information relating to airports and aviation as well as economic issues, which suggests their most content relates to bilateral agreements over the use of Shannon airport by US troops.

On several occasions, cables are also tagged with a "Human Rights" classification, which could refer to the controversial use of Shannon by airport by planes known or suspected to be involved in the US renditions program.