The girlfriend of Natasha McShane's attacker has been held on a $1 million bail after prosecutors said she was "just as culpable and as guilty for every whack of the bat."

Moments before they attacked Natasha McShane and Stacy Jurich, Marcy Cruz told Heriberto Viramontes to "look at all those drunk a-------s coming out of the bar."

Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Erin Antonietti said Cruz pointed out the potential victims to Viramontes after he told her he needed "quick money for drugs."

Cruz told police that she "smoked a blunt" of marijuana before the attack took place.

Moments late Viramontes jumped out of their van and brutally beat the students around the head with an aluminum baseball bat.

Cruz took perfume and make up from the girls’ purses, and she was filmed using the credit cards of the victims at a nearby gas station.

Antonietti said the students "could not have been attacked" without Cruz's assistance and she said Cruz was "as culpable and as guilty for every whack of the bat as defendant Viramontes."

The parents of Natasha McShane have flown to Chicago to be at her bedside.

They are "devastated and heartbroken" by the whole ordeal.

Doctors are unsure about McShane's future, if she awakes from the coma she is unlikely to walk or talk again.

In a statement released by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, McShane's parents said she “is everything a parent could ever wish for in a daughter.”

They thanked "all of the people who have reached out . . . with offers of help and prayer.”

 They are “greatly comforted by the overwhelming support from friends and strangers alike -- a support that is growing daily as people read how critical her condition is.”

The McShanes asked the public to “keep Natasha in your thoughts and prayers during these critical coming weeks".

The family also thanked the medical staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

For those of you that may wish to help the family by contributing to McShane's medical bills, you can donate to the Natasha McShane Care Account at North Bank, 501 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654.