Federal investigators have found human remains in a Queens, New York house that could be connected to James Burke, a Lucchese crime family associate known as "Jimmy the Gent."

The Irish Independent reports that Burke once occupied the home now being searched by investigators. An informant reportedly claimed a long-missing mob associate might be buried in the basement or back garden.

The home remains in the Burke family’s name, though other occupants live there currently.

Burke got his nickname of ‘Jimmy the Gent’ as he was known for tipping generously. Though he was involved with the Lucchese crime family, he was never inducted into La Cosa Nostra because he wasn’t 100 percent Italian.

He allegedly masterminded the heist at the Lufthansa freight area at JFK airport, getting away with a robbery of almost $6 million, one of the largest heists in US history. Burke is believed to have murdered most of his accomplices afterwards, fearing they would confess.

The cash was never found, and Burke was never prosecuted for the heist.

James Burke inspired the role of James Conway, played by Robert de Niro in the 1990 film ‘Goodfellas.’

Burke died behind bars in 1996 at 64 years old. Though never charged for the Lufthansa freight heist, he was jailed for 12 years for taking part in a college basketball match-fixing scam.

James "Jimmy the Gent" Burke arrested and taken to federal court.Monaster/News