Relatives of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s victims fear that the former head of the Boston Winter Hill Gang may die before he stands trial for 19 murders.

Last week, Bulger was taken to a Boston Medical Center. The 82-year-old mobster has been charged with 19 murders, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit extortion, narcotics distribution amongst other crimes. He was nabbed by the FBI in June after 16 years on the run.

Bulger, who has a history of heart issues, left the medical facility one week ago. He asked to return to Plymouth jail despite being advised that he needed further treatment.

Speaking to CBS News, Steven Davis said, “I’d like to see him live long enough to be tried, convicted, suffer a little bit like he made all the victims suffer and all their families.”
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Davis’s sister, Debra, was one of Bulger’s alleged murder victims.

He said, “If he dies before he’s tried, he’s going to take all his sins to the grave with him.”
Bulger’s attorney, J.W. Carney Jr, would not comment on his health.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe Magazine has named Bulger’s prosecutor, Carmen Ortiz, as the “Bostonian of the Year.” The US Attorney is lauded for her “long history prosecuting political corruption cases” and she is called “the fighter”.

The magazine said Ortiz’s “successful prosecutions of corruption cases have had an indelible impact on the Massachusetts political landscape.”

Unless Bulger has further health complications he will appear in court again on 11th January.