Breaking News: US tourist missing in Ireland found ‘alive and well’

The distraught father of Kelly Jones a missing American who disappeared while  mountain walking  in Donegal has flown into Ireland to join in the search

Ricky Jones will join the search for his daughter when he arrives in Donegal. He told Irish police he was hopeful she had gone off for a few days to an unknown location without telling anyone,
Coast Guard helicopter from Strandhill, Co Sligo, are now helping in the search along with mountain rescue teams and police drawn from several nearby towns.

Kelly Jones , from Georgia, working in North Carolina, was last seen on Saturday. The alarm was raised on Sunday after she failed to return to Glencolmcille hostel, where she had been staying.

Her personal belongings were all still at the hostel leading to fears that she had got lost or had an accident while hillwalking. Experts say she could have survived recent nights becuase the temperature stayed above freezing but she must be found shortly for there to be any hope

Rescue workers are continuing to search for the 41-year-old redhead along the 1,800ft high Sliabh League. Mountain rescue teams, local police and volunteers are searching hillsides, lakes and ditches for the American woman.

A sighting was reported in the village of Carrick on Tuesday, however it was later confirmed as a false alarm.
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She has been described as an experienced hill-walker by local police.

“At the moment she is a missing person,” police officer Anthony Arnold said. “There have been sightings of her, the last one around 5.30pm in the Glencolumbkille area on Saturday evening.”

“Ms Jones did not tell anyone what her specific plans were for that day, but, from the conversations that she had with local people, we understand that she was a keen and experienced hillwalker. Obviously we are very concerned for her safety and well-being, as she was not due to check out from the hostel until Saturday morning and her belongings are still there. We are fairly sure that she would have been travelling on foot, as she did not have a car.”

He added: “We have received reports of two or three possible sightings of Ms Jones, the last one was near Glencolmcille at 5.30pm on Saturday.

“We believe she was wearing dark clothing, hill-walking gear, possibly a green top and mountain boots or runners. She may have been wearing a red cap.

“We would ask anyone who thinks they may have seen her to contact us at either Carrick on 973 9002 or the District office in Glenties on 955 1108.”

The search continues today.

Breaking News: US tourist missing in Ireland found ‘alive and well’