Two Irish students have  been named by the FBI as among the top five hackers in the world wanted for serious criminal investigations.

The two Irish students have been linked to a series of computer hacking events involving the high profile hacking group LulzSec, also know as Lulz Security, which is thought to have been behind major hacking episodes against high profile targets like Paypal and Sony as well as hacking into  FBI phone conferences..

One of the alleged Irish hackers Donncha O Cearrbhail ,(anglicized Denis Carroll)  is the son of an Irish politician and is 19-years old. He was being held in Terenure Garda Station in Dublin but has now been released. It's understood the arrest was made in conjunction with the FBI.

He is accused of tapping into a conference call betwen the FBI, Irish police and other police agencies in January. He is a freshman in Trinity College where he is studying Medicinal Chemistry. The FBI say he is one of the top five hackers in the world.

The other hacker has been named as Darren Martyn, a Galway University student. He has not been arrested.

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