A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report shows that investigators in the Trayvon Martin shooting believe George Zimmerman’s confrontation was motivated.

The prosecutors in Florida released 284-pages of evidence on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. They include photographs of Martin’s blood-soaked sweatshirt and other clothing.

Part of the evidence includes mention of interviews with Investigators Christopher Serino. The FBI mentions the investigator in relation to his interviews with Zimmerman and his wife Shellie, as well as witness, his former colleagues and others.

Serino told the FBI that although Zimmerman may have a “little hero complex” he did not believe that Trayvon’s shooting was down to race. It was suggested that Zimmerman had racially profiled the 17-year-old Florida youth.

The interviews carried about by the investigators show no evidence of racism. They portrayed Zimmerman as a “decent guy” according to the New York Times.

The investigator also told the FBI that he felt pressured into filing charges against Zimmerman by a sergeant and two other officers despite the that he had insufficient evidence.

They also revealed that Zimmerman was estranged from his parents. He also had a particularly bad relationship with his mother who “was known to hit him all the time”.

Here’s the MSNBC local news report:

George Zimmerman smiling in court at his second bail hearingNewscom