Potential FBI agents are to be trained at a new emergency services college in Northern Ireland if talks prove successful.

The $200 million facilities at Desertcreat in County Tyrone, currently under construction, are regarded as the leading edge in agent training.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland hopes to open the facility in 2015 when it will host students from both sides of the border and all across the world.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is already in negotiations with their Northern Ireland counterparts on the possibility of using the Desertcreat centre.

Police Service of Northern Ireland Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie is confident that the FBI and other enforcement agencies will use the new college for anti-terrorism and public order training.

“There are all sorts of opportunities opening up for us to have residential training for national and international colleagues, not just in policing, but fire and rescue and prisons as well,” said Gillespie.

“This will be truly a unique, state of the art, best-in-class facility.

“The FBI are already expressing an interest, as are our colleagues in An Garda Síochána in the Republic and other forces in the UK.”