Federal agent Corey Walsh told the New York court of the graphic evidence of Gilberto Valle’s plans they found on his computer and in online chats. The former NYPD cop is accused of planning to kidnap, rape, murder and eat women. He is also charged with illegal use of government database information in researching his victims.

Walsh told the court that Valle had online conversations with dozens of people. The FBI recovered 1000s of emails, the names and personal information of 89 women and “images of women tied up, tortured, raped and killed.”

During the second day of Valle’s trial the court heard of the 28-year-old police officer’s cheerful exchanges with his conspirators online. The agent quoted Valle as saying, “I’m dying to taste some girl meat.”

The prosecution, in an attempt to prove that Valle’s online chats and writings were more than just perverted fantasy, called forward several women to testify about their dealings with Valle, to say he wrote to them about being potential targets, and even meals.

Kimberly Sauer appeared in court on Tuesday. She was one of his targets and told the court of the warnings she had received from Valle’s wife, Kathleen Mangan. Sauer, of Germantown, MD, had known Valles since they were students at the University of Maryland. Mangan warned Sauer of the NYPD cop’s plans to sell her into “white slavery” but Valle denied it.

However in court FBI agent Walsh said they had discovered a file entitled “Abducting and Cooking Kimberly: A Blueprint.”

Sauer was also a frequent feature in Valle’s chats with a man in Great Britain, according to the Associated Press’ reports. This man used the screen name Moody Blues and MeatMarketMan as part of his email address.

Moody Blues spoke in these chats about how he had dreamed about eating human flesh since he was six years old but never fulfilled his desire until 35 years later.

Valle suggested kidnaping Kimberly and said she would be easy prey as she lived alone.

He wrote, “I can knock her out, wait until dark and kidnap her right out of her house.”

When Moody Blues suggested eating her alive Valle said, “I’m not really into raw meat.”

Walsh told the court they also discussed cooking Sauer, basted in olive oil, over an open fire and using her severed head as a centerpiece for a sit-down meal.

Valle told Moody Blues he was meeting Kimberly for lunch on Sunday and would kidnap her in a couple of months.

Walsh also described communications between Valle and a New Jersey man Michael Van Hise who is also on trial. He said the pair were negotiating the price he would pay for a Manhattan teacher to be taken to Van Hise in a suitcase, to be raped and killed.

When Van Hise said he would rather the woman was delivered fully clothed Valle wrote “Excellent. I’ll leave her clothes on. I’ll give you the pleasure of unwrapping your gift.”

Both Valle and Van Hise are pleading innocent and both men’s defense team’s claim the men were solely engaging in online fantasy chats.

Valle’s wife, 27-year-old Irish American Kathleen Mangan, contacted the FBI when she felt her husband’s online activity had reached strange levels. She initially found some strange activity and history of use of strange fetish websites and installed spyware on his computer.

When she read the extreme nature of their discussions she left her husband, taking their one-year-old daughter to her parent’s home in Nevada in September after contacting the FBI.

If found guilty of these charges Valles could face life in prison.

Here’s the NBC report on the court case on Wednesday

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