A proud Dublin father has revealed how he became an ‘accidental midwife’ on the busiest road in the Irish capital.

Engineer Wayne Curtis delivered his daughter in the back of his car en-route to the Holles Street Maternity Hospital.

Curtis (39) and his partner Niamh Fitzgerald (33) had left their Rathcoole home on the outskirts of Dublin city when she started to get cramps at 5am on Wednesday morning.

By 7.30 they were in traffic on the busy Naas Road when Niamh told Wayne that she thought she could feel the baby’s head coming out.

“I didn’t believe her but then I looked and saw it,” he told the Irish Independent last night.

“I shot across three lanes and pulled over on to a side road near Bewley’s Hotel.”

The expectant father then ran to the passenger door of Mercedes sports car and told Niamh to: “stick her legs out and push.”

He continued: “She pushed once and I could hold the baby’s head and then she pushed again and she just popped out.

“I threw a blanket over Niamh and the baby then flagged down a passing motorist who phoned the emergency services.

“I said my fiancée is after having a baby. I didn’t even get his name, but I want to thank him.”

Baby Ruby, who weighed in at a very healthy seven pounds 14 ounces, was given a clean bill of health when she finally made it to Holles Street and mother and daughter are both reported to be well.

The happy couple already have a two year old daughter.

The Curtis family