The Bangor farmer who asked Rihanna to cover up says he does not regret putting a halt to the filming of the Barbadian's video in his field, reports the BBC.

DUP councillor Alan Graham was on his way to his tractor and caught sight of the pop star and thought her nearly topless appearance was "inappropriate."

On Friday, he said he did not "believe young ladies should have to take their clothes off to entertain."

"I am entitled to hold that opinion," said Graham.

"I would have more respect and more care for that young lady than lots of the people running about who want to see her taking her clothes off.

"I wish her no ill."


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He told the Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster that it was "sad that in the modern entertainment world pretty young women have to take their clothes off to entertain what I would describe as frustrated billy goats."

Graham made no objection to the filming of Rihanna when she was wearing beachwear.

"I didn't stop the video because of that," said the farmer.

"It was when the filming went into another field and I coincidentally happened to be there.

"I have a tractor over the field, my tractor was there to pull some of their equipment out of the mud.

"Some people think I just drove over there conveniently in my tractor, I was helping them with my tractor.

"I was heading home, but before I got home I realised 'hold on this is getting to a stage I am uncomfortable with and I can't allow this to go on.'"

He added that Rihanna had been "very gracious and respectful" when they spoke and they had "parted company on good terms."

He said he was not "particularly fazed" about the media frenzy which resulted from Monday's events.

"I have had to carry on with my day-to-day work, get my barley cut and tend to other business, but it is quite interesting," he added.