The famous Irish manor that director John Huston once owned has been put back on the market.

The house is the site where the celebrated American filmmaker, who was of Scotch-Irish descent, raised his famous actress daughter, Anjelica Huston.

The filmmaker once described his home, St. Cleran’s Manor House in Craughwell, County Galway, as “the most beautiful house in Ireland.”

The property, which was restored by American media mogul Merv Griffin, is now on the market for €3.7 million ($5.5 million) and is being sold by a trust.

The house was briefly put up for sale in 2002/2003 for €4.5 million but was subsequently withdrawn. Coldwell Banker Estates is now determined to sell the manor.

The prominent home was built in 1784 by one of Galway’s original 14 clans, the Burkes.

In the 1950s, Huston saw the manor while on vacation in the west of Ireland, and purchased the manor for around £35,000.

He lived there with his fourth wife Ricki Soma, and their children, Anjelica and Tony.

Huston entertained numerous famous guests at his home, including Arthur Miller, Liz Taylor, Cary Grant and Paul Newman.

The filmmaker sold St. Cleran’s in the early 70s due to marriage problems with his fifth wife and the rising cost of upkeep.