Days after a crazed gunman opened fire in Haven Drugs in Medford, Long Island, killing four people and turning the lives of surviving relatives upside down, surviving family members say they won't rest until the killer suffers for his crimes.

'He's the devil!' Pat Moran, grandmother of 33-year-old victim Jamie Taccetta, told the New York Post after learning of David Laffer's arrest for Sunday's shooting.

'I wish they'd shot him from the ankles up and put four bullets in his head,' she added, the strain showing in her voice.


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But even the possible capture of the killer did little to dispel the anger and upset of the bereaved.

'They caught the bastard. It's definitely him,' Daniel Taccetta, 30, Jamie's brother told the Post. 'It doesn't bring closure; it doesn't bring my sister back," he added. 'I think for every life he took that's the sentence he should serve. Or he should get solitary confinement.'

Leslie Mejia, whose 17-year-old sister Jennifer, would have gone to her prom on Thursday told the press her family had faith in the police and courts.

'We know justice is going to be served,' she said. 'God will deal with him. The police know what they're doing, and we trust them.'

Mejia's friends and classmates stopped at the pharmacy on their way to their prom, dressed in gowns and tuxedos to pay their respects.

Mejia's remains are being waked at Robertaccio Funeral Home and her funeral will be Saturday at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Patchogue.

Mugshots: Shooter David Laffer and his accomplice and wife Melinda BradyGoogle Images