Read more: Wikileaks claims Irishman gunned down in Bolivia was set up

The family of Michael Dwyer, the Irishman shot dead by police in Bolivia, has petitioned the UN to investigate. The Dwyer family believe his shooting was a “extrajudicial execution”.

The family’s 28-page report  submitted to the U.N. saying eyewitness reports, video evidence, as well as autopsy and ballistic reports contradict the Bolivian government’s claims. The Bolivian authorities claim that Michael was shot in an armed confrontation with the police.

According to the family “there was no shoot-out, just a cold-blooded execution”. They have renewed their called for an independent inquiry.

Two other men died, alongside Michael, in their hotel room in Santa Crus on April 6, 2009. Two others were arrested at the scene. They are still being held without charge.

The document, which has been submitted, to the U.N. also outlines irregularities in the handling of the case and indicates that evidence was tampered with by police. The family have said that because of this the Bolivian authorities “have no inclination to carry out” an investigation.

Bolivian authorities claim Michael was part of a gang hired to by a leading opposition figure to assassinate President Evo Morales and initiate secessionist violence in Santa Cruz.

Michael’s mother, Caroline Dwyer, released a statement on behalf of herself and her husband. It said they want those responsible for Michael’s death to be held fully accountable.

“This is not just in our interest. It is important for human rights in a global context. We strongly hope that our submission to [special rapporteur] Philip Alston will help us establish that truth.”

Read more: Wikileaks claims Irishman gunned down in Bolivia was set up